Companies have to adapt to changing conditions from competition, the market and the organization itself. The company itself may address this by focussing on core competences or by building up missing competences. We will work out with the customer which benefits his company can gain with partners by out-sourcing or in-sourcing activities and how such sourcing projects can be prepared and executed efficiently.

Governance & Organisation

Every company is subject to continuous change. New projects, company growth or changes at vendor’s side trigger the necessity of modifications to the internal organization respectively governance. We support your company to identify the need and potential for improvements, to re-define your organization and governance structures and finally with the implementation within your organization.

Project Management

The world outside any company is constantly changing – and so are the challenges any organisation has to deal with. Measures to respond to such challenges address changes to the organisation itself, alliances with new partners and the introduction of modernized IT. We from projecticon support you in the definition, partner selection, set-up, implementation and steering of your projects. Our essential target will always be that you - our customer - can realize the added value you expected.


Each organization bears significant potential, how to face technological and social changes in order to be one-step ahead to the competition. We support you to identify such potential within your company.