Sustainability, innovation, creativity, continuous improvement of management and organization

We, the executive team of projection, have come together in order to create more and higher value for us, our customers and partners and to make the work environment more innovative, creative and enjoyable.

Practical experience and operational responsibility in the telecommunications sector, teamwork as well as leadership and management functions, sustained efforts to create a creative and innovative work environment, many years of experience in operative and management consulting, working in large organizations and on-, near- and offshore projects, are only a few commonalities of our professional backgrounds.

What in fact united us and made us found projecticon have not just been our common background, our management skills or the desire to create new business models. Important is our belief in the necessity for innovation of every company, which includes the development of new products and services for the market, the continuous adjustment and improvement of management and the recurring creation of new company structures and organization.

We - the projecticon executive team - know that on the one hand the daily business sets significant constraints to our customers and partners. On the other hand, however, the rapidly changing market requires them to keep developing and producing new products and services, to ensure the sustainability of their business and to increase the competitiveness of their company. Thus, the change of the company structure and organization allows them to discover existing but unused talents, to identify the needs and capacity of their human potential and to adjust the organization accordingly. Management on any level has to be prepared for all of the above.

The projecticon executive team will support you with its knowledge and experience when it comes to drafting, developing and implementing strategic measures.

Olivier Dornberger Shareholder
"I want" is half way to "I did".”

(Russian Proverb)


Peter Kraus Shareholder
“Man muss erst so manches gelernt haben, ehe man über die Handlungsweise eines anderen richtig urteilen kann.”

Marc Aurel, (121 - 180)


Thomas Zils Shareholder
"Es ist nicht genug zu wissen – man muss es auch anwenden. Es ist nicht genug zu wollen – man muss es auch tun."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (1749-1832)



Each organization bears significant potential, how to face technological and social changes in order to be one-step ahead to the competition. We support you to identify such potential within your company.